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Solving Problems
Outside the Box

     When I was working as the Marketing Manager for a medical company Restorative Health, the stakeholders gave me the task to rebrand their current six locations across the United States more as a company and not a single clinic in a state.


     I first created a plan that I divided into three phases. The first phase started with all the current marketing material in all the markets organized and rebranded with new signs, posters, handouts, appointment and business cards, Etc. Once that was completed, I used my skills in website design to build a new website using all the latest marketing material as the guide. I wanted the site two clicks after the home page to get from the problem to the solution by using a simple template and a well-organized back-end site. When organizing the back-in, I started gathering good organic SEO using blogs and news articles related to the company. After that, I knew it was the perfect time to begin rebuilding the social media platforms with gaining SEO in mind. All the location had their pages, which was okay, but the goal was to have the company shown as one, so I built a corporate account, Restorative Health, and renamed all the clinics Restorative Health of Atlanta, Etc. I also used that time to have google send out name changes to the physical location for google maps.


     Phase two began with me traveling to all the locations to start the setup process for a central call center in Atlanta, GA. I set up the call center in the corporate office because I also knew that is where I would be and so the stakeholder could see everything when meetings took place. After research, I found two companies, ShareConnect and Dialpad, that would give the company everything they needed to build a modern call center at half the cost of a traditional call center. When I talked with Google about the name changes, I also made sure Google fiber was in the area and had high-speed internet installed at the locations. Dialpad was cheaper because it was an online interface with an online call center I could build-out. ShareConnect was served as a way to access patients' charts at each clinic that was HIPAA compliant and for me to remote log into computers for IT support. When visiting each location, I would then get a chance to meet everyone and train them on the systems, talk about social media, and take notes for the future to complete everything I need for phase three.


     After visiting each location, it was time to run the programs remotely back in Atlanta on a weekend when the clinics would be closed. Then, after working through some checkup areas, it was time for my focus to start on phase three. This phase would consist of finding a way not to

waste marketing money used in Omaha, NE, and serve as marketing for the company. I did this by taking every marketing material each location had been doing over the year in radio, tv, print, testimonies, and training seminars and creating an audio and video loop. I used the audio loop for those placed on hold to listen to, and the video loop was for the waiting rooms. From visiting all the clinics, I knew every clinic had a smart tv or could connect to the internet somehow. Knowing this gave me the ability to make a youtube channel and update the video loop remotely for each clinic around the United States.


     With the stakeholders satisfied, I was given the title Marketing Director and continued to save the company money and generate modern methods to stay relevant in the digital world. It was much work but a lot of learning and fun, and I still get to help them ever so often.


"In order to attain the impossible, one must attempt the absurd." -Miguel de Cervantes

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