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Albert Kent Ordway has been in the Digital Marketing and Management industry after graduating from the University of Alabama in 2011. Helping others has always been his primary focus, so he went into the hospitality industry, assisting several

companies in updating their systems. After that, he started working

with medical clinics and local workshops.....

Digital Marketing Specialist

(UX) People's emotions and attitudes about using a particular product, system, or service. It includes the practical, experiential, affective, meaningful, and valuable aspects of human–computer interaction and product ownership. Additionally, it consists of a person's perceptions of system aspects such as utility, ease of use, and efficiency. 

Digital Account Manager

AKO Solution came to form when Albert Kent Ordway realized how his strategy to engage audiences thought digital marketing and research for multiple companies in different genres showed an increase in growth in profit. Here is just a few of what we have accomplished. 


AKO Solution primary goal is to help spread your idea across the world with new and unique forms of marketing. We don't stop researching the latest trends and projections on where the market is shifting. No company wants to end up like BlockBuster.​

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